Company Profile

As a GLITTER manufacturer with a history of 20 years and integrating research, development, production and sales, JINGCAI New Materials Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the continuous development of glitter products.The company has electroplating machine, high temperature coating machine, independent research and development of powder cutting machine and other professional technical equipment. JC brand glitter powder products are widely used,high quality products, environmental protection, and has obtained a number of international certification.
The company with professional, efficient service, and we have establish good relationships of cooperation with the clients from Europe, the Middle East and other large regional partners, and has been widely praised. We will continue to be committed to the development and innovation of multi -field product applications, welcome friends to share ideas together, to create a shiny world with rich products.

Professional Equipment: Metallizing machine, High speed coating machine from Europe and high precision glitter powder cutting machine researched and developed by our own.
Quality Control: To ensure high quality,all the products have been validated by the quality control process such as the acid&alkali test,specification checkage&color and luster standardization etc.
Color-Coating Centre: Along with the step of International fashion, we trend to push the latest color to satisfy customers’ requirements.

Company Culture

Brand identity -- DIAMOND
Logo "diamond" stands for perseverance and eternity, symbolizing the enterprise's enterprising spirit and commitment to high quality products. This is our confidence and the company's concept of quality.

Enterprise spirit - break through yourself to create a wonderful future
We pursue technical innovation, only breakthrough can create brilliant. We firmly believe that only by pursuing breakthrough and innovation can we create a wonderful future.

Management philosophy - win in execution
We pay attention to details, cooperate with each other, take customer demand as the guide, execute every link meticulously at every stage of the work, and build a strong execution team.

Safety concept - Make safety a habit
Safety management is an important part of enterprise production management, safety is the foundation of everything, is also our production management philosophy.

Marketing philosophy - Integrity management
Many of our customers are long-term partners, we have always taken the integrity construction as the enterprise always adhere to the pursuit of value, relying on integrity to win the reputation, win the opportunity.

Enterprise vision -- To become an excellent company leading the fashion
Our vision is to become a leading fashion company with constant efforts and self-transcendence.

Company products and application range

The glitter powder is widely used. It can be used in Christmas crafts, candle craft, cosmetics, paper products, screen printing products (cloth, leather, shoes, New Year picture series), decorative materials (craft glass products, UV plate, marble, injection panel), paint decoration, home spray paint, stationery, plastic injection and other fields. Its characteristic depends on the visual effect that enhances a product, make adornment article concave and convex have administrative levels, have stereo feeling more. And its characteristic of high flash, make adornment more bright-coloured dazzling, add luster. Glitter powder can be mixed with paint, glue, paint, plastic, glass paste and other raw materials.

Production Process

1.Origianl film (PET film/ rainbow film/ holography film )

2.Vacuum electroplating

3.Coating printing

4.Dividing and cutting

5.Cutting to powder

6.Quality inspection



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