Do you want a Glitter For Crafts Wholesale?
Do you want a Glitter For Crafts Wholesale?

Glitter For Crafts Wholesale

The colorful flecks of glitter are a lovely addition to cards, party make-up, nail polish, slime, and bath bombs, making them an excellent crafting material to keep on hand.

A sprinkle of glitter over a bonding agent, a binder, or acrylic paint can liven up any drab surface. No matter what type of glitter you want: chunky, fine, or eccentric, our picks below will help you choose.

  1. Original Stationery Glitter Shake Jars
  2. The product has all the benefits you expect from a Glitter For Crafts Wholesale: excellent color selection, long-lasting shine, and convenient packaging. There are many tubes, each with glitter in a base but bright color. You can shake the compact tube to dispense the desired amount, then seal it up for future use.

  3. Chunky Glitter Warmfits Holographic

  4. You'll find large pieces of glitter in the 12-container set. Each jar contains chunks of glitter that are dazzling and highly pigmented, easy to spot from a distance. In addition, each jar contains pieces that share the same color family but come in various sizes and shapes.

  5. Glitter Pancon Spectra

The glitter comes in an attractive 4-ounce shaker resembling a cylindrical box of parmesan cheese, which has various opening sizes that let you control how much glitter you use. The packaging is convenient if you need one color for one particular project.

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