Coated Pure Sliver Glitter Powder
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The pure silver glitter powder , it is different with the common PET silver glitter powder . Its color is silver and it will look much more shinny and clean than the common PET silver glitter . Because of this character, the people always to put the pure silver glitter on the wedding dress decoration instead of other kind of glitter powder.

The pure silver glitter is more thinner , the shorter the mechanical residence time, the better (not fade), the thinner the product thickness, the better (not fade), because the heat is easily volatilized.

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Brand Name JC Glitter Place of Origin Guangdong,China
Materials PET FILM Model Number JCVB01
Size 1/520” to 1/4” Color Silver
Thickness 38 micron Shape HEXAGON
Delivery time 1-5 days Package 1KG bag,25KGS craft paper bag
Character Temperature of 180℃ within 10mins, weak solvent resistance .
Storage Condition To stay out of the sun , keep dry

Suitable to use in the fabric screen printing , wedding dress screen printing etc. More other applications, you can contact us for check.What The Difference Of The Pure Silver Glitter & Pet Silver Glitter:

item Item # Character difference
Pure silver glitter JCVB01 Thin , look more shinny and clean Coated pure silver
Common silver glitter JCB01/JCB04 Shinny but it will be a little grey Vacuum coated aluminum powder

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