Nail Polish Grade Strong Solvent Glitter
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The solvent resistant series of glitter powder can with stand the immersion of organic solvents and inorganic solvents, such as toluene, ethyl ester, xylene, acetone, but anone and mixed solvents and other strong solvent, has excellent solvent corrosion resistance, after entry to keep the same color, unchanged color difference.!

We cam supply this glitter by the jar, by the pound and many colors by the box.

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Brand Name JC Glitter Place of Origin China
Materials PET Size 1/520” to 1/4”
Color Metallic colors,holography, iridescence, neon, crystal
Thickness 38 micron Shape HEXAGON
Delivery time 1-5 days Package Jar, bag

1. Nail Polish 2. Glitter Tattoos 3. Acrylic paint

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